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New Patient Registration Process


Are you new to the area or transferring from another pediatrician?  


All of our doctors are accepting new patients. Whether you are new to the area,  new to the practice, or have a newborn baby,  Pediatric Associates of Norwood & Franklin is thrilled to partner with you to provide your family with leading pediatric care.


Here’s how to begin the registration process:


         1. Verify that we are in network with your insurance plan and select a primary care physician.


         2. Obtain medical records from your previous pediatrician by filling out our release of records form.  We need at least a vaccine record before                       we can schedule a physical exam. Then print and mail/fax/drop off to your current pediatric office.


         3. Complete our new patient registration form and submit online.


         4. Complete our family medical history form and submit online


         5. Complete the privacy form and submit online.


         6. Complete our vaccine policy form and submit online. 


        If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact us.




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