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Pediatric Associates of Norwood and Franklin

A Patient Centered Medical Home


Your Medical Home Team will...


  • Take care of your child when she/he is sick or well

  • Help you develop a personalized health care plan for your child. Set goals for care now and in the future.

  • Talk with you about any testing or treatment your child needs

  • Work with other pediatric care providers to coordinate your child's care

  • Listen to your concerns and ideas to make our practice better for you.

  • Help you and your family find local support or services in the medical and behavioral health community

  • Follow evidence based guidelines for care

  • Answer any health questions you may have

  • Provide you with educational materials regarding health conditions

Who is on your team?

  • You and your child

  • Your doctor

  • Nurse Practioners

  • Nurses

  • Our practice support staff

Patient Centered Medical Home Brochure

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